Resources for UK Authors

This page contains links to useful resources for writers. These are intended for UK-based writers - if you're not from the UK I'm sure the same type of resources will exist in your country if you just go looking.

ALCS - Author Licensing and Collecting Society

This organisation collects royalties for writers on ISBN and ISSN publications (printed versions only). If you have a piece appear in such a publication, and it is over 250 words, then you are entitled to a share. Register here.

DACS - Design and Artists Copyright Society

This organisation does much the same as the ALCS, but for photographs and artwork. If a photograph of yours is used in a print publication (ie a photograph you took and therefore have the rights to), you can register for royalties here.

PLR - Public Lending Right

This organisation collects royalties from libraries on print publications that are loaned out to users. Register here.

UK Tax

You may not realise it, but UK tax law requires that all writing revenue, even that obtained by winning competitions, has to be declared for tax. Details can be found here.