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How to Write Very Short Stories from Prompts

What happens when your muse goes on holiday? Do you just stop writing? Not if you know how to use prompts.

Writing very short stories using prompts is a great way to give a boost to your creative juices. But how exactly do you go about it? For a start, where do you find prompts? Should you use them literally? And, what is a very short story again?

All these questions, and more, are answered in How to Write Very Short Stories from Prompts. You will be given ways to easily find prompts, advice on the different ways to use them and plenty of information on what very short stories are and methods for editing them down to the correct length for specific submissions. All this is done using real examples of some very short stories written specifically for this book.

Get your copy today and you’ll always have a toolkit for when your muse is absent, or when you want to write from prompts just for fun.

Book cover image of How to Write Very Short Stories, A Fun Workbook for Kids, showing pages of paper popping out from behind a block of yellow on a turquoise background, containing the title and numbers indicating the length of stories covered in the book.

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How to Write Very Short Stories: A Fun Workbook for Kids

Welcome to the world of writing very short stories. 

Very short stories are lots of fun to write, but don't be fooled. Just because they're short, doesn't mean they're easy. Far from it. You will have to use your brain, a lot, to come up with good ideas to use in your stories and the further you get through the exercises in this book, the more difficult it's going to become.

Are you up for the challenge?

Learn how to get real meaning into a six-word story (you can do it).

Discover how to expand and cut down your stories, so that they fit the exacting requirements of the genre (some are very exact).

Find out what a drabble actually is (no, it's not a misspelling of dribble!).

And, don't worry about tackling this on your own, because I'll be doing the exercises alongside you.

Do you like the bizarre, the weird and the unusual?

Good, then we're on the same page. Shall we get started? You're going to need to do a lot of practice and the sooner you start, the better.

Book Cover for Over 500 Totally Not Boring Writing Prompts for Kids: Fiction

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Over 500 Totally NOT Boring Writing Prompts for Kids: Fiction

Welcome to the exciting world of story prompts.

Every story starts with a spark of inspiration. Occasionally, those sparks are hard to come by. But, what if you had more than 500 sparks ready-made to use any time you wanted? Well, that's what this book is. A selection of story sparks ready for you to use, whenever you want.

Do you like to be challenged?

Not all of the prompts are a straightforward write this scenario. In fact, most aren't. There are also sentence fragments, individual words, three prompts for one story and much more. So many options. So many stories.

And there's a secret, hidden benefit!

Using this book will give you lots of ideas on how you can create your own story prompts from whatever you experience in your life, for an endless supply of story sparks.

Are you ready to give it a go?


Book Cover for Over 500 Totally Not Boring Writing Prompts for Kids: Non-Fiction

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Over 500 Totally NOT Boring Writing Prompts for Kids: Non-Fiction

Welcome to the exciting world of writing prompts.

Thinking up non-fiction prompts to write about can be difficult. You can get stuck in a rut of always using the same themes. In this book you have over 500 options. That's a lot to choose from.

Do you like to be challenged?

There are all sorts of writing prompts in this book. There are topics that need lots of research, ones that often cross over into other areas of learning. There are questions to ask yourself. There are surveys to do. There are expressions to evaluate. Many will tax your brain, that's for sure, and some may do that in ways you've never experienced before.

A prompt for every writing mood.

Not all the prompts in this book require huge essays. Some can be short, sharp sentences. Others may only need a paragraph to be finished. So, you really have no excuse. Whatever time you have available, there's something you can write about in this book.<br>

What are you waiting for? Time to get writing.

Book Cover for Word and Writing Games for Kids and their Adults

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Word and Writing Games for Kids and Their Adults

Let the games begin!

Do you enjoy word and writing games? Well, you have a whole host of them in this book. You can choose from short games, that might only take a few minutes, to long projects, that could last over multiple sessions, and play them with your family and friends.

A Year of [insert genre] Writing Prompts

Do you have a desire to write, but have no idea where to start? Well, a prompt is always a good way to get the creative juices going and in this book you have a year's worth of them. That doesn't mean you have to wait until January. A year is just a number of days, after all.

These volumes provide you with 366 prompts (yes, leap years accounted for) that have a [insert genre] feeling to them. They aren't whole story ideas, that's down to you, but they are intended to spark thoughts and send you off at tangents. Use them to create a short piece every day, or to help with creating characters, or even to get a story you've already started out of a rut. 

The choice is entirely down to you.

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