A Language Learning Tale Podcast


Podcast Logo, consisting of the letters ALLT arranged on a plain background.

The A Language Learning Tale Podcast can be found on YouTube and Spotify, links at the bottom of this section. These recordings document my personal language-learning journey and my thoughts on various language-related subjects. Episodes will generally be up to 10 minutes long, unless I find I have a lot to say. Then, who knows! They are published weekly, on a Sunday at midday, UK time (GMT or BST, depending on the time of year).

If you wish to find a transcript for a particular episode, please see below.

If you prefer to watch language-related videos, you can also find those on YouTube (@alanguagelearningtale), alongside the podcast. The languages I currently cover are Italian, Welsh and French. I look at language translations, offer foriegn novel reviews, have the odd rant about Duolingo, talk about AI and languages, plus any other language-related topic that takes my fancy.

Link to YouTube: youtube.com/@alanguagelearningtale

Link to Spotify: ALLT Podcast