A short story collection where kids and folklore meet

Book cover of Kids and Folklore. An image of a tree with many coloured leaves against a flat blue sky and flat green field, with the silhouettes of a kneeling girl, with a ponytail, blowing dandelion seeds and a crouching boy about to pick up what looks like a stone.

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(A Collection of Magical Stories with Their Roots in Faerie Tales, Beliefs and Superstitions)

This collection of short stories, based on the folklore of The British Isles, puts children in the thick of the action.

How do you deal with a strange face in your fire surround? What is the significance of having dreams about dragons? Why is an abandoned house acting in a very strange manner?

These questions, and many others, are answered within these pages. Discover old beliefs and stories you never knew existed, in amongst some of your favourites, and come to your own conclusion about what may, or may not, be true.

Aimed at children aged 9-12, this collection contains eleven original short stories for children, using elements of folklore and faerie tales in a modern setting.  A must for every child who loves folklore.