Strangely Funny V

You've all heard tales of the phantom hitchhiker, but what about her parents? How do they feel after a few decades of boys showing up on their doorstep looking for their jackets? Take this journey with us and find out what club the Devil use for a short putt. Discover where werewolves retire when their muzzles turn gray.

Explore the stories of Strangely Funny V and join authors Eldon Litchfield, Dan Foley, Juliet Boyd, and many more, as they explore the strange happenings that could be in your neighborhood. But watch out for the prankster gargoyles!

Story: Like an Old People's Residence

After the Happily Ever After cover

After the Hapily Ever After

The happily ever after is never the end. 

The curtain doesn't fall once love is recognized or evil is vanquished. Credits don't roll once the giant is slain or the big bad wolf is boiled alive. Wicked stepsisters, malevolent rulers, and hideous creatures still have lives after their sinister roles play out; heroes, lovers, and dreamers often find their victories lead to more troubles.

Within these pages are more than seventy continuations, retellings, and eldritch stories that explore the dark forests, magical castles, and gruesome monsters After the Happily Ever After.

Story: The Problem with Hair 

Mark of the Beast cover

The Mark of the Beast

Every civilization has some story or legend of creatures half man and half beast. Indigenous native peoples around the world held beliefs about shamans and witch doctors who could transform themselves into animals. The ancient Egyptians worshiped a whole pantheon of animal-headed gods. The superstitious folk of medieval Europe believed that a witch or a gypsy could curse a man to become a werewolf by night. Pacific islanders told tales of men changing into sharks. Certain African peoples feared leopard men.

Coming from all over the world and from every culture, werebeast legends naturally vary. Among the ways said to become a werewolf include being bitten by a werewolf, being bitten by a normal wolf, a potion or curse from a gypsy or a witch, a family curse, a genetic disorder, drinking rainwater from the paw print of a wolf, wearing an enchanted pelt made from wolfskin, through a pact with Satan or a demon, through the act of cannibalism, etc. Some werewolves have no memory or control over their change while others do. Some change only by the light of a full moon while others can change at any time. Some werewolves look like normal wolves, some look like giant wolves, and still others are mutant man-beasts. Some are solitary and some live and hunt in packs or clans.

Herein are gathered a number of tales portraying the glorious and bestial nature of the werewolf. There are horror, sci-fi, Gothic, cyber, fairy tale and fantasy stories and poems that embrace the essence of the beast, told by an assortment of scribes with diverse styles and voices. 

Now the Full Harvest Moon is rising and the soft wail of the autumnal wind begins...

Story: The Clothes Maketh

The Undead that Saved Christmas Vol 3 Monster Bash cover

The Undead that Saved Christmas, Vol 3, Monster Bash

The last installment in The Undead That Saved Christmas series is here! We didn’t hold back for this one. No longer are we limiting ourselves to zombie and vampires. Rainstorm Press is proud to present The Undead That Saved Christmas: Vol. 3 Monster Bash! 

Are you ready for a great Christmas treat? How about twenty? Within these pages are twenty delightful stories that combine the spirit of Christmas with the terror of monsters. From zom-bies to vampires to werewolves and elves, this collection has something in store for you. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for that horror enthusiast in your life. 

Proceeds from the sales of The Undead That Saved Christmas: Vol. 3 Monster Bash! benefit the Hugs Foster Family Agency ( and will help them give their foster children gifts this holiday season.

Story: The Show Must Go On

When zombies attack the cast of the Christmas pantomime you might be forgiven for thinking that the show would be cancelled, but you would have forgotten that all important fact - that the show must go on.

Doctor Who Short Trips, Vol 3 cover

Doctor Who Short Trips, Vol 3

Get ready for eight fantastic new adventures in space and time with the Doctor and his companions, featuring stories from many of Doctor Who's most popular authors from the worlds of television, print, comics and audio, as well as new talent and fresh voices...and read by your favourite Big Finish actors!SEVEN TO ONE by Simon Miller (read by William Russell and Nicholas Briggs). Seven tricky situation. Will the First Doctor be able to save his future incarnations from a deadly trap? THE FIVE DIMENSIONAL MAN by Kate Orman (read by David Troughton). A Fifties housewife gets more than she bargained for when she offers to help a strange girl who appears in her kitchen. POP-UP by Dave Curran (read by Katy Manning). Jo Grant takes pity on a tiny advertising robot from the Epsilon Cluster with disastrous consequences. THE WONDROUS BOX by Juliet Boyd (read by Louise Jameson). The Doctor and Sarah Jane pay an ill-timed visit to PT Barnum and The Greatest Show on Earth. WET WALLS by Mathilde Madden (read by Peter Davison). The walls of a manor house are dripping wet at night. But why can only mad Lady Catherine - and Peri - see it? MURMURS OF EARTH by M Deacon, J Middleton and C Wraight (read by Colin Baker). Peri's life is in danger when she and the Doctor land on a planet populated with mysterious holograms...THE RIPARIAN RIPPER by Andrew Cartmel (read by Sophie Aldred). The Doctor and Ace investigate a series of terrifying slasher attacks along the banks of the Red River. ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR by Bev Conway (read by India Fisher). 'Welcome to the future. Step right up for the trip of a lifetime! Yes, madam, I know it says Police Public Call Box but that's just by way of a bit of disguise...' 

Story: The Wondrous Box (performed by Louise Jameson)

Sunday Snaps: The Stories cover

Sunday Snaps: The Stories

This colourful and quirky collection contains short stories, flash fiction, vignettes and poetry of various styles and genres. It developed over the course of 52 weeks in 2010/2011 whereby a series of ‘Sunday Snaps’ were posted online as a creative exercise. Writers were invited to use the snapshots as inspirational writing prompts. The result: an eclectic assortment of lighthearted comedy, romance, dark tales, tragedy, ‘slice of life’ stories and expressive verse.

While the spires of Milan Cathedral and a café in Toronto provide a backdrop to romance, elsewhere a marriage is arranged, children grapple with loss, and a woman rushes to the side of a life-long friend. With a bit of French cuisine, a spiteful kitty, a mother’s pact with the devil, a birthday kiss and a dash of supernatural revenge, this collection offers a tale for all! 

Story: The Right Decision