A Little Bit Horror

Cause and Effect : Carl wakes up after a car accident. As he tries to determine whether or not he really is dead, things start to happen that are more than a little strange.

Forever by the Day: Aefre lives on beyond her time because of a deal her parents made with the Gods, but at what price? Can she really live forever?

Nutrition: The latest must visit restaurant holds more than one dark secret. Seeing what's on the menu is bad enough, but who, or what, is the Cellar Master?

A Little Bit Horror: Volume 2 

Bad Things Come in Threes: Influenced by the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this tale finds Goldie trapped at the top of a mountain in thick fog. She takes refuge in a mysterious house, but the residents aren't at home and there are three pots on the stove.

Be Careful What You Dream: Ewan has been having the same kind of dreams for many years. Big, bad ugly dreams. But when Reece appears on the scene, it seems that she is determined to stop his trail of destruction.

Beneath the Snow: Angie made a bad choice and now her car is stuck in a snow drift, but when she hears tapping beneath the car and a long, spindly finger appears through a small hole in the foot well, her fear level begins to rise.

A Little Bit Horror: Volume 3

The Undead Prince: Lily tried to cast a spell to turn a Prince into a frog, but she got a zombie instead. She's not sure whether or not a Princess can kiss something that's trying to bite her face off, but she's about to find out.

Eleven: Marianne has been given a new set of legs as a birthday present by her husband. She's delighted - who wouldn't be? But as he suggests more improvements to her body, she finds out that he hasn't been completely honest with her about his motives.

Interview with the Devil: OId Nick dishes the dirt on his incompetent workforce.

What the Eye Cannot See: Darren has a new tattoo, but he's convinced that it's getting bigger by the day and he's pretty sure his girlfriend isn't going to have any sympathy with him.

A Little Bit Horror: Volume 4

Within the Shadows : When something starts clawing at your back and your shadow disappears with the midday sun, you never know where you might find yourself.

Sculpted: The mysterious sculptress, Ms Carlutti, needs a new subject, but Joel has no idea what's in store when she picks him as her model.

The Testing Pit: John needs to find out how long the zombies can survive without chomping on another brain before he locks himself away. This is going to be a long haul.

That Voice Again: When the voices in your head incite you to violence, it could be difficult to work out who, or what, is to blame.

A Little Bit Horror: Volume 5

Protected: Gavin does one last job before he gets married, but he isn't prepared for what he encounters in the old man's house.

Proof Positive: A female vampire has devastated the town. Or has she? It's down to Jake and Arnie to find out.

Locally Sourced: The local shop on the High Street is the quickest place to go to buy food for a hastily arranged date, but the shopkeeper doesn't speak very good English. What exactly is he asking?

A New Friend For Dinner: Eliza lives miles from anywhere, but she tends to have a lot of visitors. Uninvited visitors, who always say the same things.

A Little Bit Horror: Volume 6

The Daffodil Field: What is buried beneath the field of daffodils and what is the connection between Audrey Cambridge and the young archaeologist?

A Gift From a Stranger: It's always nice to be given an Easter egg, but when you don't know where it came from, you can never be sure exactly what you're eating.

Spelling it Out: When Daniel tries to sneak out of the house after a one night stand, he gets more than he bargained for.

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