What happens when Ragnarok doesn't solve the problem? 

Beyond the Third End Front Cover
In Search of Hidden Gods Front Cover
The Threshold of Truth Front Cover
Ruled by Choices Front Cover

In a world where Norse gods are revered by many, Siri and her younger brother have a fight on their hands. It's called survival. The gods have not been good to them, but Siri's not the type to let that stop her. 

Kyr is a loner by nature, his only companion a wolf. People dislike him. He's pretty sure he knows why. If he wants to be himself, which is high on his priority list, he avoids them. Unless it's for his own amusement. 

Their paths collide and their lives take a turn for the worse, but everything has a purpose. One day, they'll understand the truth of their existence. That day is coming soon. 


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Links below are to the first book in the series, Beyond the Third End.

Books 1 & 2 also available as an eBook boxset (limited distribution).

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