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Cover image of The Goblin and the Stolen Ring Audiobook
Cover image for The Goblin and the Child Witch audiobook.
Audiobook cover for The Goblin and a Magic Trail
Discover Sprout the goblin and his magical adventures in The Forest of the Hooting Owl here.
Kids and Folklore book cover. A collection of short stories where children take on elements of mythology in the real world.
Find out how modern day children cope when they come up against folklore here.
Two vampire hunters, from two different times. Click here for more details.
Rag & Bones Trapped book cover. A series of novels about vampires, witches and many other mythical creatures.
When vampires and witches meet, things don't always run smoothly. Find out more here.
Metally Fatigued book cover. A follow on series of novellas to the Rag & Bones series.
When you're the ones who let the monsters out, you have to get them back. Discover the story here.
Beyond the Third End book cover. Monsters, magic and Norse mythology in this young adult series in a dystopian world.
Monsters, magic and Norse mythology, in a dystopian world. Learn more here.
Rifter book cover. The first of two books in The Survival Project Duology, where travelling between worlds could change the future.
A race across worlds to find a solution for your own. Take the journey here.
In a Realm of Memories book cover. A young adult fantasy of past and present.
When you're kidnapped whilst visiting an ill relative in care, there has to be a good reason. Find out what here.
Glamoured book cover. A young adult story of hidden identities and magic.
What happens when you discover your world is not what you thought it to be? Discover the truth here.
The Accidental Necromancer book cover. A young adult fantasy novella of zombies and spells.
Have you ever read a spell aloud? Have you ever wondered what effect that might have? Find a clue here.
A First Year of Random book cover. A collection of very short stories.
Short stories, flash fiction and micro fiction. Click here for details.
A collection of short stories inspired by childhood beliefs. More details here.
A Little Bit Horror book cover. A collection of three mild horror stories.
Three stories of horror. One might even involve a bear. Find out here.
The Perfect Colour book cover. A collection of short stories.
A collection of short stories and flash fiction. Find out more here.
Crescendo book cover. A collection of very short stories.
A collection of short stories, including a couple of prize winners. Discover the details here.
Time-travelling doctors, werewolves and fairy tale retellings, in collections together with stories from authors far and wide. Find out more here.
Mark of the Beast anthology book cover
Doctor Who Short Trips 3 CD cover
After the Happily Ever After anthology book cover
Strangely Funny V anthology book cover
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