Middle Grade Book Reviews

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This playlist contains all my YouTube reviews so far. Click to start at the beginning.


Although most of my reviews are currently for eBooks and audiobooks I borrow from my library, I am open to receiving books to review, on the following basis.

  1. All books must be for children who fall in the 8-12 age range, although the edges can be fuzzy. For example, 7-9, or 10+, are okay.
  2. If I don't enjoy the book, I won't review it on YouTube. My aim is to encourage children to read, not put them off.
  3. I will not review an uncorrected ARC. I want to see how well the book is copy edited/proofread, as I won't review a book on my YouTube channel if I see multiple errors in the text, even if I enjoy the story.
  4. I cannot guarantee to read a book by a certain date. Please bear this in mind if you wish to submit. I only post reviews of recently read books on Mondays.
  5. Paper, eBook and audiobook formats are all welcomed.
  6. Please do not send a book until I have agreed to accept it. It is unlikely I will read a book I haven't agreed to accept.
  7. Rejection may be for no other reason than I already have too many books to read.
  8. Reviews are short, usually one to two minutes. I also post the book description at the end and use the book cover throughout the review. Please make sure you have the description and the book cover available, if you wish to submit an, as yet, unpublished book. I won't publish such reviews until it is available.

I may update this policy from time to time, so please check back.

You can contact me here. Please note that a reply may take a few days.