Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl

Other Activities

Activities based upon the stories in the Tales of the Forest of the Hooting Owl series.

Activity Ideas

  1. Take the Which Forest Creature are you? quiz and draw what you think that creature looks like.
  2. Collect a big pile of leaves, then arrange them into the shape of a forest creature. See how many different ones you can make out of one pile of leaves. You could photograph them, or draw them, as well, or stick them in place on a piece of paper. Make sure you give them all names.
  3. Look for faces in all the rocks and stones you can find. When you see one, see if your family and friends can see the face, too.
  4. Pick a patch of ground, not too big, and see how many bugs you can find. Find out what they are called, if you can.
  5. Make up some of your own pretend creatures by drawing the head of one and joining it with the body of another. What are these creatures called?
  6. See if you can make a bridge by just using twigs. How many can you balance before it becomes unstable?
  7. Make Goblin Bread rolls (see image).
  8. Download the finger puppet templates and enact stories from The Forest of the Hooting Owl.
Picture and instructions on how to make goblin bread, shaped like the head of Sprout from Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl, a series for children aged 8-12.
Image of how to create finger puppets for four of the characters from Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl, a series of books for children aged 8-12.

Click here to download the templates.