Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl

Book Discussion Questions

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Book Discussion Questions

  1. Describe Sprout in three words. Give examples of why you think these words are appropriate.

  2. Apart from Sprout, who is your favourite character? Why is this so?

  3. What is your favourite part of the book? Why do you like it?

  4. If you lived in The Forest of the Hooting Owl, which type of forest creature would you most like to be? Why do you think this?

  5. Who is the wisest out of Sprout, Sprout’s ma, and Long Tooth? What makes you think this?

  6. Which would you most like to meet, a sprite, or a riddle frog? What are your reasons?

  7. Do you think the adult witch is good, bad, or a bit of both? Why do you say this?

  8. If you were telling your friends about this book, what would you say?

  9. Have you ever been to a forest, or a wood? What did you like most about it?

  10. Do you believe in magic? What makes you think this?


Book Discussion Questions

  1. Describe your favourite part of the book. Why is it your favourite?

  2. What is the most memorable thing about Trunk Face?

  3. If you met Long Tooth, what question would you ask him about the forest, or its creatures?

  4. If you could be one of the characters in the book for a day, who would you be, and why?

  5. If you were travelling across The Bridge of Grunts, would you take the high route, or the low route? Why do you say this?

  6. Do you think Wizard is going to be good, or bad for the forest? Give examples for your reasoning.

  7. If you were talking about this book with your friends, what is the first thing you would say?

  8. Do you think you’re an introvert, or an extrovert? What makes you think that?

  9. Which of the bridges you’ve been on is your favourite? Why is that?

  10. What are your thoughts on when it’s right, or wrong, to hug someone?


Book Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think it would be like to live in a forest?

  2. Have you ever eaten any unusual foods? What were they? Did you like them?

  3. Do your friends at school have a nickname for you? Do you like it?

  4. Describe your favourite thing about Wizard.

  5. What name would you have given to the riddle frog?

  6. Which part of the book made you feel the strongest emotion? Which emotion was that?

  7. Are you wary of meeting new people? Do they ever turn out to be different from how you first imagined they were?

  8. If you had a new tree house, what would be the first thing you did to it to make it feel like yours?

  9. Do you think sprites are good, or bad? Is anyone totally one thing, or the other?

  10. Describe this book in one sentence.


Book Discussion Questions

  1. Are you superstitious? What do you believe, and why?

  2. Have you ever been anywhere scary, or spooky? What made it feel so?

  3. Have your parents ever surprised you by what they know? Give an example.

  4. Which is your favourite season? Would you like it to last all year, and why?

  5. Who is your favourite adversary in this book - hares, sprites, or faeries? Why is this?

  6. Describe your favourite thing about Dragon.

  7. What do you know about body language? For example, can you tell when someone is lying? What signs do they give?

  8. If you could be a hooting owl for the day, which character (other than Sprout) would you follow, and why?

  9. Explain how you think magic would feel.

  10. Which is better, going it alone, or teamwork? Explain why you think this.


Book Discussion Questions

  1. Describe your favourite thing about Sun Light.

  2. Have you ever tried to learn something and found it really difficult? What was it and why was it difficult?

  3. Do you prefer learning from books, or from being shown/taught by someone else? Why is this?

  4. What is the most magical thing you've ever seen and why did you feel that it was?

  5. Have you ever accused someone of doing something bad and then found out you were wrong? How did that make you feel? What did you do about it?

  6. What three words best describe this book?

  7. Have you ever cooked a meal for your family? What was it and did it go well?

  8. Are you concerned about the environment where you live? Why is this?

  9. If you could take a time-lapse film, what would you try to capture and why?

  10. Which is your favourite fruit and how do you prefer to eat it (fresh/cooked)?


Book Discussion Questions

  1. Who, apart from Sprout, is your favourite character in the whole series, and why?

  2. Do you ever feel under pressure to change your appearance, or to do the same things your friends do, even though you don’t want to? Is it better to fit in, or to do what you want?

  3. Have you ever tried to communicate with someone without using words? Give an example.

  4. Sprout learned how to control a flying stick in this book. What new skills have you learned this month?

  5. Do you feel that some of your friends are more like family? What do they do to make you feel this?

  6. A new goblin has been born and you have the honour of naming it. What name do you choose and why? Remember, many goblins are named for a characteristic they have at birth. Sprout was named for his sticky-up hair.

  7. What do you think it would be like to live like a hare? Don’t forget to mention the good things, as well as the bad.

  8. If you took a flying stick high up into the sky, right now, what would you see beneath you. (Drawing it might help.)

  9. Do you have any strange habits you do when concentrating, such as closing your eyes? What are they?

  10. This is the last book in the series, but what do you think Sprout will do next? Let your imagination run riot!