Tales from The Forest of the Hooting Owl

Sprout is a goblin. A young goblin. Young goblins often get into scrapes. That’s probably all you need to know, because who doesn’t like to read about others getting out of tricky situations, especially when they’re goblins?

Introductory short story. Free to read in Kindle Unlimited.
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The Goblin and the Stolen Ring (Book One)

When Sprout witnesses a Biglander stealing his ma’s ring, at a time when he should’ve been looking after it, he knows he has to get it back. Aided by his uncle Long Tooth, he makes a plan. Even though this task will take him out of The Forest of the Hooting Owl, a place that only the forest dwellers should know is there, because it is hidden behind a veil of magic, he is determined to succeed. He has to get into the Biglander’s house and retrieve the ring. His ma’s happiness depends upon him.

How many attempts will it take to locate the ring and escape with it? Is it even possible to do? And what is the truth about the Biglander who managed to get into the forest?

A 15,000 word chapter book for children aged 8-12 and anyone else who is young of heart.

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The Goblin and the Child Witch (Book Two)

Goblins aren't supposed to engage in the practice of walking dogs. Neither are they meant to attempt to save witches. And they most certainly aren't in the business of facing up to big, bad trolls.

Sprout has never been one to do what he's expected to do. That tends to get him into trouble. This time is no different.

Has Sprout taken on more than he can cope with? Has he chewed on one too many magic herbs? The answers are within these pages, for those who dare to take the journey alongside a young, adventurous goblin, in order to find out the truth.

The Goblin and the Child Witch is a 15,000 word chapter book for children aged 8-12 and anyone else who is young of heart.

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The Goblin and a Wizard Search (Book Three)

Pre-order/Released 7 September 2018

When an unexpected face appears at the door to Sprout’s cave in Coven’s Corner, he knows that secrets are at risk of coming out. The question is, who is going to have to tell the truth, because Wizards aren’t easy to hide.

Sprout has his work cut out trying to keep things running smoothly, what with hooting owls butting in on conversations, a sprite determined to catch up with a promise-bearer and a riddle frog on a mission to fulfil his destiny. Wandering around the forest turns out to be much more challenging than he could ever have imagined.

How easy is it to trick a sprite? Who is prepared to eat wriggly food? Are hooting owls all-knowing, or just all-seeing? Find out today by taking a leaf out of Sprout’s book and entering The Forest of the Hooting Owl.

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The Goblin and a Magic Trail (Book Four)

Pre-order/Released 16 November 2018

There are many long-held superstitions in The Forest of the Hooting Owl. Some are just that, superstitions, with no basis in fact. Others are not so harmless. Hare dares are such a case. On the day in question, Sprout does not look away from the hare in time and is given a dare. Can the young goblin manage to complete it and avoid the consequences of failing?

Sprout’s day is further complicated by the appearance of Pickle Lily, the sprite he tricked out of a promise. She has some pressing demands of her own. Once again, Sprout cannot refuse, if he wants things to stay as they are.

Dark rivers, the Stock and Stuff market, faerie riddles and a visit to the most dangerous part of the forest. Is this Sprout’s worst day ever, or his crowning glory? Time to find out.





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The Goblin and a Lucky Adventure (short story)

When Spout, a young goblin who lives in The Forest of the Hooting Owl, decides to go on his first big adventure alone in The Big Lands, things don’t go quite as he’s planned. Not that he actually has a plan, other than having an adventure.

The moral of this tale, if it ever became a legend of the forest, would be ‘Don’t go adventuring on an empty stomach’, but as Sprout’s never going to let anyone in the forest know about it, we won’t worry about such things. Suffice it to say, that food plays a large part in this tale. Waste food, squishy food, food for making steps and food out through which tunnelling is a necessity. There is also some eating.

Oh, and there’s a rabbit. And no, the rabbit is not food.

The Goblin and a Lucky Escape is a 5,000 word short story in the world of the Tales from the Forest of the Hooting Owl. It takes place before the main series of books and is aimed at children of 8-12 years old and anyone else who is young of heart. Read this story today and get your first taste of a Sprout that has no connection at all with greens (except for that fact that he is green, of course).