Books as Furniture

Do you ever use books in ways that were never intended by the publisher?

I have three large language dictionaries, which are really out of date now (no, I'm not saying by how much), so when I was redesigning my writing area a few weeks back, and I needed something to lift the height of my screen, guess what came to mind. Ta-da!

These unloved books have a new use, rather than sitting and becoming dusty on a shelf, or ending up in the recycling, because no one is going to want a blah-de-blah number of years old dictionary to use.

Now, of course, I'm wondering how I can upcycle some more of my old books. Thinking cap on!

April 2019

Image of a large computer screen balanced on three heavy dictionaries, with the pages facing outwards.
Upcycling books - the new trend?