Where to Find Inspiration - Tarot Cards

Tarot of the Moon Garden Cards with the book Rag & Bones, Trapped.
Patrick Gamble's Spiritual Oracle Cards with The Goblin and the Stolen Ring.
Sacred Path Cards with In a Realm of Memories.

A few weeks back, I listened to a writing podcast where it was suggested that tarot cards could be used for inspiration when writing. I had never considered this before, but it struck a chord, because I inherited a whole stack of cards a couple of years ago (some of them are displayed here), that had been languishing on the shelves in my lounge, without a purpose. So, I decided to take a closer look and them. I'm so glad I did.

As you can see, simply the images themselves could inspire many things. The illustrations are wonderful, an artwork in themselves. But even better is that most of them have some kind of word prompt on them, as well. Think of all those combinations, all those possibilities.

I'm definitely going to try using these soon. I can especially see them being very useful for short stories, if I decide to enter one to an anthology, for example. Usually, these submissions have quite strict subject requirements that you have to meet and, sometimes, it can be difficult to think of something to fit, but if I were to pick half a dozen cards at random and try to work something around those, it might be easier. If you've followed me on Instagram for any length of time, you'll know that I'm well used to creating stories from prompts, the weirder combinations the better.

So, rather than collecting dust on shelves and never being looked at, these cards are now going to be used. Maybe not for their intended use, but does that really matter? All I'm doing is recycling (or is that upcycling?) in a slightly unusual manner.

March 2019

The Druid Animal Oracle Cards with Beyond the Third End.
Angel Cards with Glamoured.

A selection of the card sets I now keep by my writing desk.

Left: Tarot of a Moon Garden; Patrick Gamble's Spritual Oracle Cards; Sacred Path Cards. Right: The Druid Animal Oracle; Angel Cards.