Owning Your Links

Why, oh why, oh why are authors not owning their links?

Okay, so there are a number of services that provide a convenient link page that you can use for places where multiple links to all your social media (and other stuff) are not possible (Instagram, for example). I think this is a bad idea, because what you're doing by using one of these services, is giving another company all your data, when there's absolutely no need.

Creating a link page on your own website (either one that sits in your menus, or is hidden), is easy as pie. You don't even have to have all the fancy buttons - although many websites can provide those - simple hyperlinks are enough. If you can create a link to your books, you can create a link to another website.

If you do this, you benefit from all the data, rather than yet another company - and you can guarantee these services are using that data for something, even if it's just to serve you ads. And before you say, oh, but Google Analytics, or Wordpress, or whoever, will still get my data from my website. Yes, that's true, but there's no point in adding someone else into the mix, is there? Plus, you're getting people to your website, even if they're intending to go off somewhere else immediately. What if they decide to have a look around instead? What if they find a book they might like to read?

Create your own link page, on your website. Make it the hub. And take back your link control.

April 2019

Image of hanging chains.
Image courtesy of Hans at Pixabay.com.