10 Final Proofreading Checks

Before I finalise any document, I have a number of final proofreading checks I do with my documents. These have developed over time, but are now just part of my routine. So, I thought I'd share them with you, in case they're of use. These are specifically relevant for paperback manuscripts, although some may also be relevant for eBooks.

  1. Do a search for all double spaces and remove them.
  2. Do individual searches for its and it's, your and you're, their, they're and there, to ensure the correct words are used in all cases. This doesn't take nearly as long as you might imagine.
  3. Search for all two-part names (including title and name) to ensure that these have not been split across lines. If they have, insert a non-breaking space between the two parts.
  4. If italicised text has been used, do a search for all italicised punctuation and replace it with standard punctuation.
  5. Go to page view and show multiple pages at once. Scan the pages to ensure they are all the same length and to see if anything else jumps out.
  6. Scroll through the document ensuring that all headers are correct.
  7. Scroll through the document ensuring that all page numbers are correct.
  8. Scroll through the document ensuring that all titles are in correct upper and lowercase format.
  9. Scroll through document checking that all first paragraphs in chapters/sections are not indented.
  10. Update the ToC, even if I don't think anything has changed.

And that's it. Ten things I check right at the end of the production process for all new books I create.

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March 2019