Books I Loved Reading 2019

Starting with books I've read this year (I'm writing this in March 2019), I'll be posting short reviews of books I've loved. There are many books I enjoy reading, but I can't include them all, so I'll be adding two to four books each month.

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January 2019

I listened to the audio version of this book, which is a very detailed look into everything related to sleep.
If you think you know all there is to know about sleep, you might want to think again. I learned a lot from this book and it encouraged me to change some of my habits, relating to the time I go to bed, use of computers and tablets, and what I consume in the evenings.
If you have trouble sleeping, or don't get a regular 7-8 hours per night, there are lots of suggestions as to how you can improve the sleep you get.
This book is arranged as a series of questions, asked by the public, with Tim Peake's answers.
Although I believe this book is primarily aimed at children, there is plenty here for adults to enjoy. The answers are detailed, but written in an easy-to-understand style, with more than a small amount of humour. There are a huge number of topics covered.
I really enjoyed reading this book, but I would recommend reading the paperback, rather than the eBook, as in my library version the graphics did not all display well.
I listened to the audio version of this novel, which is a story of our colonisation of other planets, due to having to leave Earth.
This story, necessarily, covers a lot of time - you can't build a colony in five minutes. It made me feel for characters that, never in a million years, would I have thought I would have sympathy for. It is a commentary on how we, as humans, deal with what we don't understand, how we cope with authority and our belief that we are the most intelligent life that exists. If I say any more, I might get into spoiler territory.
This was my second Tchaikovsky book. I'm certain I'll be reading more.

February 2019

I listened to the audio version of this book, and have since listened to the next four. That has to say something.
This is a traditional fantasy story for kids, with a whole raft of loveable characters who are put through the mill, as the series continues. The main characters are male, but it does have strong female characters, as well, who definitely add to successful outcomes in the numerous adventures.
I currently have book six on hold with the library. Tapping my foot.
I listened to the audio version of this children's novel, which is set in Russia, during a time of impending revolution.
The wolf wilders are people who, when the rich no longer want to keep their pet wolves, teach the animals how to return to the wild.
This is the story of a girl with a mission, a journey, friendship and standing up for what you believe in. I particularly enjoyed it because it was a little different from the majority of children's books and shed light on different cultures. Although, I should add that wolf wilders aren't real. The author made them up, based on people who do the same thing for lions.
I listened to the audio version of this book.
We all know it happens, when large numbers of people on social media turn on a single person. This is a study of what happens to those people, how they cope and why we feel the need to publicly shame.
This book gives you a lot of food for thought and warns that, before joining in with any public shaming, you really should verify your facts and, even then, consdider whether you actually ought to join in.

March 2019

I listened to the audio version of this book.
This is a story about a girl who, after feeling like an outcast her whole life, discovers her heritage. It has a definite Indiana Jones vibe and lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. It also leaves you on an informational cliffhanger. I can't complain - I've done that before.
If you enjoy books that are a mixture of adventure and fantasy, fast-paced and with strong female characters, you might want to give this one a try.
This, for me, is what a retelling of ancient myths should be. It has personality, humour and references that connect you to the modern world, such as how the gods gave us many words we use now.
I knew very little about the Greek myths before reading this book, and the number of them is a little overwhelming, but my mind is now a lot clearer on the subject than it was, thanks to this book. A very enjoyable read.

April 2019

I listened to the audio version of this book.
This is such a fun and informative book, going into all the habits of the time that you might not already know about. Learn how to insult someone in subtle ways, or go for the obvious. The choice is yours.
Ruth Goodman's narration is full of character and enthusiasm. I highly recommend reading the audio version.
If you're a writer, and your storyis set in this time period, this book is must.
I listened to the audio version of this book, which was read by a full cast.
A giant metal hand is found beneath the ground. Is there more elsewhere? Where did it come from? What can we use if for?
This book is told through interviews, recordings, the odd news report and conversations. This works really well as an audiobook. I really like the way that this format drips the information to you, so you're never sure where you're going next. The story is certainly intriguing. So much so, that I've already started book two.