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I'm a British author and I live in Somerset in the south-west of England, where I spend most of my time writing. The rest is spent reading, drawing, taking pictures, gardening and hooping (plus all the boring things that we all have to do).

I'm not someone who has always written, or wanted to. It didn't even occur to me to try until I was in my forties, but the moment I did, I was hooked. However, when I first started, the thought of writing a 60,000 word novel filled me with a feeling of dread. I couldn't imagine how anyone could write that many words. So, I started out with scripts. That seemed somehow easier, except, of course, it wasn't. There are many rules to writing scripts. Brevity is the key, and leaving a lot of the description and setting to others. And the format is very specific. I submitted a number of scripts to the BBC Writers Room and a couple of them even got read (my first did and I really didn't care what they said, because it had got that far).

After several years of writing spec TV scripts, at the beginning of 2009 I turned my hand to writing short stories. The transition made sense, because brevity is they key with short stories, as well. This brought some success. I had stories published in women's magazines (under the pen name of Lily Bond), a Doctor Who CD, anthologies and online publications - and I was placed in one or two competitions. I found I particulary liked writing very short stories (also known as flash fiction). This is still the case.

Towards the end of 2012 I started to experiment with longer pieces of work and have since independently published a number of novels and longer short stories.

I don't like to restrict myself to one particular genre. Over the years, I have discovered a particular liking for writing shorts with a horror element - although you won't find copious amounts of blood and gore in any of my stories. I believe what the reader imagines is much more interesting than having everything spelled out, even in something as short as a 6-word story.

Most of my writing could broadly be called young adult, mainly because of the character ages. However, In recent years, I have started writing for an even younger audience, which I enjoy immensely.

I also now have several YouTube channels. My main channel (Juliet Boyd - Tech Tutorials for Authors) does what it says on the tin! I create tutorials to help authors use software. My two main topics are Scrivener 3 and Shotcut, but I also have videos on Audacity, GIMP and the odd one on Microsoft software, plus a few one-offs on other topics.

Author Photo of Juliet Boyd
In my garden, on a rare sunny day during the British summer.
Juliet Boyd floating in her garden and trying to capture a floating copy of The Goblin and the Stolen Ring.
Whilst sitting on my air seat in the garden, a copy of The Goblin and the Stolen Ring floated by. Of course, I had to try to catch it. :)