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The Survival Project is a young adult, two-book series involving alternative worlds, rift travel, climate change, betrayal, action and adventure. If that's your kind of thing, read on.

The Survival Project Duology
"Which future would you choose to have?"
Available in eBook and paperback formats.
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Rifter Book Cover
$3.99 or equivalent

Rifter (Book 1)

Sometimes, the only way to change your life is to travel.

Eighteen-year-old Mara Scott has been given a chance to find a solution to her world’s climate and pollution problems. She is to travel to another world, an alternative timeline, in the hope that lessons can be learned. She’s far from the first and uppermost in her mind is the fact that her boyfriend, Leo McNaught, travelled six months earlier and never came back.

She's under no illusion. She knows this is a dangerous mission.

But Mara finds herself distracted. The probability of her being able to find a solution is nothing compared to the probability of seeing Leo, or rather, a version of Leo. Yet, that is what happens.

Her heart ruling her head is not a problem she had expected to encounter.

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Traitor Book Cover
$3.99 or equivalent

Traitor (Book 2)

Revenge can take many forms.

Leo has returned home, but he’s far from free. Luckily, when it comes to taking revenge on the man who runs The Survival Project for the wrong done to him, he’s prepared to play the long game. He has the knowledge, he has the means. All he needs is the access.

Mara has no way of knowing whether Leo’s plan to exact revenge has succeeded, but she is not able to dwell on the subject for long. She thought she had come to this world to find solutions for her own, but her new world has taken the same disastrous path. Those who work for The Department are keen to know everything she can tell them about travelling through rifts.

Can she steel herself to do this over again?