Adana Flynn (Scarth)

Not-so-typical teenager Flynn starts the series at fifteen years old (ish). Part witch and part something else, her hybrid nature gets her into a lot of scrapes and attracts a fair amount of attention from the rest of the supernatural world. These are her stats.

Warning - There may be spoilers.

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Adana Flynn (Scarth)

Long, auburn, layered


West Country lilt

Favourite things
Loved toast and chocolate spread for breakfast as a child.

Least favourite things
The colour pink; Carrie Hoddinott.

Supernatural abilities
Perform magic; Run fast; Read fast; Strong.

Family members
Birth family: Adeline (mother), Adrielle (aunt), ???? (father), Carrie Hoddinott (blood relative).
Adopted family: Ellie Scarth (mother), Rag (uncle).

Best friend
Lori James

Current spell count
Repel organics; Turn hair grey; Hang a vampire from the ceiling; Create a daylight crystal; Create a forcefield.