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How to Market Hell
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How to Market Hell

Short story prequel to the novel The Saviour Plan

Dave's Dad, Nick, has retired, leaving him to run the family enterprise. After a quick look at the figures, Dave realises that he needs to increase the number of recruits to the Fiery Abyss or all hell will not be breaking loose any time soon and he comes up with the perfect, if somewhat unusual, solution. (Actually, Dave doesn't come up with the solution – Tagus does – but don't tell his Dad.)

The Saviour Plan
Price $3.99 or equivalent

The Saviour Plan

A humorous fantasy novel

It is an undeniable fact that every action has consequences, although it's not always easy to guess what those consequences might be. When Dave's new website goes live – Devil Dave dot com – it has a devastating effect on his other pet project.


In a desperate attempt to remedy the situation before his father finds out, Dave throws out life-changing suggestions left, right and centre.


Will he succeed in getting everything back on track, or is it really true that the bad guy always loses?

The Perfect Time cover image
Price $0.99 or equivalent
The Perfect Time

A humorous fantasy novella

There's one devilish task Dave really hates. It involves Christmas, a man in a red suit and the giving of presents.

Every year, his personal minion, Tagus, gives him the list of children who need to be told the truth, and every year he puts it off. The difference is, that this year, Tagus seems determined to persuade his master that he has to knuckle down and get on with it. And, being Christmas, there really is only one way to do that. Of course, nothing in Dave's life ever goes to plan and there are a number of twists and turns along the way.

Follow Dave as he finds out how the future of an innocent little boy might be influenced by his decision, and discover whether or not Dave decides to tell him the truth at the perfect time.

Read a sample here.

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