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July 2015

posted 24 Jul 2015, 05:06 by Juliet Boyd   [ updated 24 Jul 2015, 05:06 ]
Hi, everyone!

It's July and we're well into the summer holidays and, as usual, the weather is variable in the UK. But that just means more incentive to write.

Book Releases

This month I've released two new books in The Surivival Project Duology. Here are the covers:

Rifter Cover
Traitor Cover
As you can probably guess, they involve travel through a rift!

These books are only available to buy on Amazon at the moment in eBook format (they are both [going to be] available in paperback). They can also be borrowed if you are in Kindle Unlimited. Rifter is currently discounted to $0.99 and Traitor is on pre-order at $3.99.

Here's the blurb for Rifter:

Sometimes, the only way to change your life is to travel.

Eighteen-year-old Mara Scott has been given a chance to find a solution to her world’s climate and pollution problems. She is to travel to another world, an alternative timeline, in the hope that lessons can be learned. She’s far from the first and uppermost in her mind is the fact that her boyfriend, Leo McNaught, travelled six months earlier and never came back.

She's under no illusion. She knows this is a dangerous mission.

But Mara finds herself distracted. The probability of her being able to find a solution is nothing compared to the probability of seeing Leo, or rather, a version of Leo. Yet, that is what happens.

Her heart ruling her head is not a problem she had expected to encounter.

You can check the books out here.

Other News

Now that The Survival Project is finished, I'm working on a fantasy novel and a number of short stories. They're certainly keeping me busy, but I'll be keeping them under wraps for the moment.

Next month, an anthology in which I have a story, is due to be published. I don't have any details of the date yet, but I hope to be able to announce that in the next newsletter.

Until then, have fun.