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August 2015

posted 28 Aug 2015, 09:57 by Juliet Boyd   [ updated 5 Sep 2015, 03:48 ]
Hi, everyone!

This month I have a new release out. It's a fantasy novel entitled Glamoured. It's the story of Kait and her friends and what happens when they discover the world is not as they thought. Here's the gen.

Glamoured Book Cover

Imagine that one day you find out your whole life is a lie.

Kait doesn’t have to imagine. It’s happening to her.
It was her boyfriend who was into fantasies of faeries and vampires,
when he was alive. Now, she has to believe, for real.

Amazon UK     Amazon US

You can buy the eBook now. The paperback will be available in a few days. Once again, it's only available at Amazon at the moment, and you can also borrow it from the Kindle Unlimited library.

Other News

I think I mentioned a possible anthology release this month. Unfortunately, that hasn't yet come to pass. However, there are now two anthologies on the horizon. Hurrah! Hopefully, I'll have something more concrete to announce next month. If it happens early in the month, I'll put up the newsletter earlier than usual, or do two.

My next project is a long short story/novella, which I hope to have finished before the end of September. If you want a little clue about the subject, I can tell you that it starts with a spell book and a graveyard is a key location.

Until next time. Enjoy what's left of the summer.