The Library of Things by Juliet Boyd

posted 18 Apr 2016, 12:40 by Juliet Boyd   [ updated 20 Apr 2016, 10:36 ]
It was hidden down a warren of backstreets. Honestly, Tom was surprised a specialist library all about the supernatural even existed. Beyond cool. It certainly looked the part. Stone arch with a frieze above depicting all manner of monsters. Large oak door that creaked ominously when pushed.

Inside was a small entrance hall with a corridor behind. His attention was drawn to a notice board set on a stand. It displayed a map. Pretty standard. There were whole rooms set aside for each creature. He gasped. This might take a while.

Tom stopped outside the door marked Vampire. There was a little graphic. A set of teeth with fangs and a drop of blood dripping from the left-hand side.  It made him smile.

He opened the door and reached for the light switch, seeing as the room was pitch black and the curtains were drawn. A hand grabbed his wrist from behind the door, icy-cold to the touch. His breath hitched, which was ridiculous. He wasn’t the only one who visited libraries.

“No need for that.” The voice was deep, male and had a distinct edge to it. “I can tell you everything you need to know, for a small charge.”

Tom turned to face him. When he saw the fangs glistening in the light from the corridor he had a sudden urge to run, but his feet wouldn’t comply.

He guessed his question had been answered.



Inspiration from this post by @skybisonseamus on Instagram.