Life in the Fast Lane by Juliet Boyd

posted 18 Apr 2016, 12:35 by Juliet Boyd   [ updated 20 Apr 2016, 10:37 ]
Sarah eased down on the acceleration. The place she was approaching, it was like the intergalactic Spaghetti Junction. Signs flashed on every inch of the window in front of her. Multi-coloured arrows. Seemingly conflicting instructions. Ridiculous restrictions. She knew where she needed to go, just not how to navigate her way there in any sensible fashion. She was pretty sure the loop-the-loop manoeuvre that had popped into her head was not the correct solution.

She vented her frustration with the loudest sigh this side of Pluto.

She made her choice.

Straightaway, the sound of an alarm filled the capsule.

The door behind her swooshed open.

“I know,” she said, without even turning to face the instructor, “Another month in the simulator. I’m not safe enough for a real spacecraft yet.”

“One month? More like three.”

It wasn’t until she was well out of the building that she smiled. There were always ways to avoid having to do a real job. Maybe, next time, she’d actually perform the loop-the-loop.


Inspiration from this post by @skybisonseamus on Instagram.