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Grant jammed the crowbar into the gap in the window frame and wrenched it open. One quick, sharp jolt did the trick and the ancient wooden frame, held together only by flaking paint and filler, slid up a couple of inches. The next part was even easier, Grant was well-practised at the jiggling upwards movement that would shimmy the window open wide enough for his lithe frame to snake through the gap.

That would've been his nickname if he'd ever been to the clink. The snake. Snake. He liked the sound of it, but that was never going to happen now.

The house was an easy target and promised good rewards. He had spied on the owner, a wizened old man who tramped around the streets in an over-sized dirty raincoat and shoes that twenty years ago didn't have holes in the sole or smell of wet dog, for several weeks. He was a classic target. Fingers Charlie had trained him well.

They were always the ones who always had their money stashed under the mattress because they didn't trust the banks and had inherited heirlooms that were dotted around the house, the proceeds from which would go to the government's coffers when they died because they had no traceable descendants. Grant had always thought it was irresponsible to let that happen and he assuaged his guilt by telling himself that he deserved it more. Maybe he did. He'd certainly spent enough time doing his research.

A shiver of excitement rippled through his body. Damn! He was beginning to wish this wasn't his last job. He wasn't sure he'd had his fill yet.

When he'd asked Lizzie to marry him, he'd promised to go straight, but there was always one more job he wanted to do. She said she'd kill him if she ever found out he'd lied. Those emerald green eyes of hers had looked into his soul that day and it had made him shiver. He'd even lined up a proper job as a home security consultant – it helped never having been caught in the act.

He didn't like lying.

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